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Christmas Concert 2022/23

It's a long running tradition in our school to come together on the last day of term before the Christmas holidays. We use this occasion to celebrate the skills of our singers and musicians with an informal concert for the school community to enjoy.

This year's concert was amazing with a wide range of talent on display performing everything from Christmas classics on the piano to chart toppers on the ukulele. The teachers band even joined in at the end.

The 6th year students presented a token of appreciation to Ms Courtney and Ms Noone for their help and guidance with arranging the St Catherine's Party.

To end a lovely morning, each and every student was given a small selection box to take home and enjoy over the holidays.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all members of our school community a warm, safe and relaxing Christmas. We'll see you all back in school on January 05th, 2023 for another exciting and action packed year.



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