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Cross Country Relay Event - September 2023

On the 26th of September 2023, St David's were out in Avondale, Co. Wicklow for a cross country event. It was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed their time. Our school competed against schools in our local area such as Greystones Community College. This event was a 500m relay run meaning each person had to run 500m. The events ranged from First Years to Seniors.

The first run was First Years and the first event was First Year Girls. We had seven girls competing and they were Aoife Wall, Poppy Smith, Lucy Smyth, Niamh Holohan, Moya Andrews, Emily O’ Driscoll and Anna Weidenhammer. In this event, Moya Andrews, Aoife Wall, Poppy Smith and Niamh Holohan’s team brought home a bronze medal. The First Year Boys were up next and we had six boys competing and they were Ben Evans, Jack Creamer, Fionn Clarke Twomey, Ben Callan, James Carroll and Finn Slowey. They fought hard and they were unlucky not to get a place on the podium.

Second Year Girls were up next. We had six girls who competed and they were Ella Mullen, Niamh O’ Neill, Lena Gleeson, Lily Cullen, Grace Hawkins and Niamh Holohan. In this event we got 2nd place. The team was Niamh O’ Neill, Lena Gleeson and Ella Mullen. Second Year Boys followed and the team that competed were Clarke Kelly, James Dixon and Ben Evans. The team ran well but they were unlucky and sadly didn’t place.

Third Years were up next. We had three girls competing and they were Ella Andrews, Niamh O’ Neill and Lena Gleeson. The girls placed first in the event. Well done to Niamh O’ Neill and Lena Gleeson for getting both silver and gold medals! We did not take part in the Third Year Boys race.

The next event was the Transition Year race. We had two teams compete and they were Conor Hawkins, Tim Phelan, Rían O’ Gorman and Sarleya Barnard, Andrew Wall and Dylan Gleeson. Everyone made a great effort to try and win but they were unlucky not to get on the podium.

Report by Rhys Fitzpatrick (Transition Year)

Photographs by Tristan Gallery-Martinez (Transition Year)


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