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Dublin Business School Talk for 6th Years - Jan. '24

On the 9th of January our Sixth Year students had a talk from Dublin Business School (DBS). Bill Fanning represented the college. He spoke about all the different courses you can enroll in and all of the facilities the college provides such as sports clubs, social clubs, physiotherapy, counselling and numerous workshops. DBS is a very diverse college with over 9,000 new students enrolling each year and up to 80 different nationalities attending. It's a very prestigious school with top grades needed to get in. As a private college it costs anywhere from €5,995-€6,375 but there are still scholarships and grants available. Ways to contact DBS are through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook @dbscollege.

Photos by: Ellie Hall

Report by: Senan Brougham


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