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Grace O'Sullivan MEP Talk

On Thursday the 22nd of September our TY and 5th Year politics students had a talk with Grace

O'Sullivan, a Minister for the European Parliament and a member of the Green Party. She gave them a talk on her life as an active environmentalist and described both her struggles and triumphs that came with the work that she carried out, including having bombs placed aboard a ship she was on protesting with many other people. Our students learnt about her love for nature and everything it offers, including the sea which Grace said she hoped to swim in at our local beaches, and how skills she gained at a young age and in her teenage years helped her to get to where she is now.

This incredibly brave woman educated our students on what it takes to be an activist and how hard working in politics can be, especially as a member of the Green Party, which can often be laughed at due to it looking to look after our environment- despite it being one of the most important things we need to do.

A massive thank you for Grace taking the time out of her day to come in and talk to our wonderful students!


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