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Junior Boys Rugby Leinster Blitz - October 2023

On Tuesday the 3rd of October the Rugby Junior Boys went to Stepaside to play a Leinster Blitz. They had three games to play and were hoping to bring home as many victories as possible.

Their first game was against Balymanye. The lads got off to a great start with a try from Jude Leahy right by the corner flag giving them a lead of 5-0. Balymayne went on a big push in the dying minutes of the game, trying to equalise or over take St Davids. The David's lads kept them at bay up until the last play of the game where Balymanye slipped in a try leaving the end score at 5-5 and a draw for St David's first game of the blitz.

Their second game was against Ardgillan. The lads weren’t happy after their unlucky draw in the first game but came back with a bang for their second. An early try was scored by Max Waddington giving David's the lead right from the start. The lads weren’t stopping there and with a great try from Dafydd Davies and a beautiful kick from Patrick O’Boyle to complete the conversion, their lead was increased to 12-0. The David’s lads were on a roll and with a try coming in from Joe Cavanagh and another conversion by Patrick O’Boyle the final score was an astonishing 19-0 to St Davids. All the lads played an amazing game and it was a well deserved win.

Their third game was against Drimnagh Castle. The scoring was opened with a great run from Noah Morgan and another conversion for Patrick O’Boyle for his third conversion of the day. David's were on fire and not soon after, a great kick was sent into Dafydd Davies who caught it nicely and touched it down for a try. The conversion was scored by Jude Leahy leaving the final score of the game at 14-0 to St. Davids.

It was a great day out for Davids and a very successful blitz. Well done to all the boys who participated!

Report by Fionn Ryan (4th Year) Photographs by Seán McLaughlin (4th Year)


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