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Junior Cycle 2022 Awards

On Wednesday, 26th of January our Junior Cycle class of 2022 (our current Transition Years) had their well deserved award ceremony in the Dining Area, celebrating their achievements in their Junior Cycle. Presented by Mr Carey, along with TY Coordinator Ms Courtney and TY Year Head Mr Ryan, each student who received one or more distinctions grades (90%-100%) was given a trophy, as well as a trophy going to the student with the most distinctions from each base class, and not to mention, the Leah Little award to the student who achieved the most distinctions overall. We're immensely proud of each and every one of our students, especially after being the first year to complete the brand new Junior Cycle course in its totality, with the full scale exams at the end of it!

See each student who achieved one or more distinctions receiving their trophies:

The Leah Little Award is a very prestigious award within our school, given to the student with the best results in their Junior Cycle each year. It honours a dear student, Leah Little, who tragically passed away in 2014 shortly after completing her own Junior Certificate, due to cancer. This year, the winner of this award was Alannah Gallagher, who achieved an amazing total of 8 distinctions last June!

While everyone in each base class performed amazingly well, there were a select few who excelled. The students who achieved the most distinctions in each class, and were awarded a second trophy for doing so, are as follows:

3A: Caitlin Doyle

3B: Cathal Byrne, Nathan Donlon & Kate Finnerty

3C: Alana Murray

3D: Alannah Gallagher

Finally, we have all of the students who got a distinction in each base class together, every student who got a distinction together, and our top in each base class students together! Another big well done!


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