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Sr. Girls GAA Match Vs. EGS

Our Senior Girls Gaelic Football team started off the season in a fixture against East Glendalough.

Our Senior Girls Gaelic football team played a fabulous match on Friday, the 30th of September, against East Glendalough Secondary School, hosted at St. Patrick’s GAA pitch in Wicklow.

They arrived at the pitch at 10:35 to treacherous conditions and heavy downpour, but that did not stop them. They began a quick warm up consisting of; hand-passing drills, soloing drills and finishing with practice shooting.

The match began at 11:07 and our girls started off very well and continued to improve throughout the match. East Glendalough was in the lead at half time, but that thankfully did not dampen the girls spirits, though the rain certainly did, and they won the match by two points against all odds after enduring strong winds and lashing rain, making it hard for them to see and feel their fingers with the cold.

The final score was 4-3 to 3-4 to our team! Our brilliant girls then enjoyed a well-deserved, hearty meal at Burger King on the way back, thanks to the lovely bus driver.


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