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TY Bonding Workshop 2023

On the 22nd of September, the Transition Year students took part in a team bonding activity from Go Beyond Events. The year was split in half with the first half of the year participating in the events in the morning and the other half taking on the challenges in the afternoon.

The TYs were then split into groups and each group had to come up with a team name (some being a bit more creative than others).

They were then faced with a variety of different tasks. These tasks were both mentally and physically challenging. The tasks included archery, tangrams, Towers of Hanoi and other unique challenges and in order for them to be completed successfully, every team member had to work together and trust their team. The challenges promoted teamwork, creativity and problem solving skills in order for them to be completed.

Teams were up against each other and were competing for points so the competitiveness really shone through amongst the TYs. The final challenge was to build a rocket out of a water bottle and paper to see whose rocket could fly the furthest. Some rockets flew better than others with some flying out of the courts and others barely getting off the ground. The day was exciting and full of laughs and the TYs had a brilliant time

This was a really good day for the TYs, one full of great moments but also important as it strengthened the TYs abilities to work well as a group and also developed listening skills as all ideas of the team members were discussed.

Report by Holly Sheehy (4th years)

Photographs by Maria Hasset (4th year) and Izzy Creane (4th year)


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