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4C Matrix Workshop - October 2023

On Monday the 2nd of October 4C experienced the Matrix Masterclass workshop in the Dining Area. It

took place for the entirety of the day. The students were taught skills needed to develop their own positive mindset in today's world.

The enthusiastic teacher, Malcolm, started off the class with a listening memory recall game. You had to ask your partner about themselves for four minutes and see how much you could remember, then say it out to the rest of the class. The goal of the game was to get us to interact with people, this makes it easier to remember as much information as possible about the person or the topic your learning.

We then moved on and he told us about the importance of taking breaks from studying and your phone. We should be going out and exercising or meditating otherwise we won't be able to retain information as

well. We then practised meditating so we could feel the difference in how we feel and think. All of the students really felt the positive effect it has on us and will be sure to try it again soon when needed.

The last thing we did was learning about how to break down questions and trying to fully get a grip of the question before moving on, this was very beneficial for us as hundreds of students every year read questions incorrectly and lose out on marks. Overall everyone really enjoyed the workshop and really felt that they learned valuable skills for years to come.

Report by Dylan Gleeson (4th Year)

Photography by Jake Carroll (4th Year)


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