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5th Year Art Visit “I’ll Be In Touch”

On Friday the 15th of September, Ms. Sheridan took her 5th ear art class to An Tigin to visit Lisa McCleary’s exhibition, ‘I’ll Be In Touch.’

They left the school during period 4 and walked in the rain over to An Tigin. Once inside, Lisa McCleary’s mother, Angela, welcomed them in and invited them to look around. The 5th years then got the chance to speak with the artist, Lisa McCleary and ask questions about her art process. The students also got to take in the artwork and talk with Lisa one on one. Lisa has the prints of her artworks up for sale and kindly gave the students a postcard print each. It was very educational for the students to speak with an artist and learn how she uses different techniques. ‘I’ll Be In Touch' is an art exhibition about ugly beauty which is one of the themes for the art class' 5th year project.

Photographs and report by John O' Neill


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