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5th Year Prefects for Academic Year 2024/25 Announced

During P3 on Tuesday, Mr Carey and both school deputy principals, Ms O'Sullivan and Mr Davies, gathered all TYs in the Dining Hall, congratulated them and reiterated the importance of the student leadership structure withing out school. Then, with great excitement, the current TY's soon-to-be Year Head, Mr Boland, announced the 22 successful candidates who will become Senior Prefects for the 2024/25 academic year.

This year was a very competitive one, with over 50 applications being submitted. Following a lengthy interview and selection process, Mr Boland commended the students for the standard of their candour during and preparation prior to the interviews.

The successful candidates received their new prefect badges and it was lovely to see their entire year group wish them warm congratulations as their student leadership journey begins.

Our 5th Year Prefects play a significat role within our school and are responsible for a number of projects and intiatives, acting as ambassadors both within and outside of our school for special events and on a daily basis. Next years' prefect programme promises to be a great one.

Thanks to Mr Boland for overseeing the entire process and special thanks to Ms Grogan for giving up two days to conduct the interviews.

5th Year Prefects 2024-25

  1. Ben Roth

  1. Caitlin Hanrahan

  1. Deaglán O’Neill

  1. Ellie Hall

  1. Eoin O’Neill

  1. Finn Morris

  1. George Tattan

  1. Grace McDermott

  1. Holly Dunne

  1. Holly Sheehy

  1. Kate MacAdam

  1. Lauren O’Leary

  1. Liam Simpson

  1. Miguel Ramírez McMahon

  1. Niamh Kelly

  1. Nicole Maxwell

  1. Paddy Marrinan

  1. Poppy Mullally

  1. Rían O’Gorman 

  1. Sofia McDarby

  1. Stella Doyle

  1. Travis O’Farrell


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