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5th Year Whole School Assembly

The assembly began with the acknowledgment of our school's very own St . Vincent de Paul initiative led by students in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years. These students have worked hard all year round to set up different appeals and fundraisers in aid of St . Vincent de Paul including Christmas hampers filled to the brim with clothes and toiletries for those in need.

The students then invited two of the members of the St Vincent de Paul charity to lead the school in prayer. The students themselves then received certificates to congratulate them on their hard work so far.

Father Gerard then led the school in prayer and gave some words of wisdom in honor of Catholic schools week.

Afterward, certificates for drama, product and design, green schools, sport, and more were then handed out by Ms O'Sullivan to the deserving students to show the school's appreciation and acknowledgment of their hard work.

The final speaker of the day was Mr Dunne to inform the school about all the incredible hardworking sportsmen of St Davids. The highs were commended and extra shoutouts went to particularly involved and ambitious students.

The assembly was then closed by Mr Carey, giving a perfect ending to Catholic school week.

Written by Freya Duffy

Edited by Maisie Harte


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