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6th Year Graduation 2023

6th Year Graduation is always and emotional time of year in the school but we love to make it a special occasion for our students. This year was no different, apart from the fact that we were now able to hold our ceremony in our recently completed Sports Arena. So many teachers were involved in turning the Arena into an warm and inviting space. Thanks to all of you!

We were delighted to be joined by Fr John, who led the school community in a pensive ceremony that was focused on what the students have achieved and what they have yet to achieve. We were treated to beautiful music by our school choir throughout and speeches by Mr Carey, Ms O'Sullivan, Mr Reynolds and our Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls and Deputy Head Boys. Prayers and well wishes were read by parents and teachers and the final award for 6th Year Student of the Year was presented to Ms Aoife Reilly!

There was plenty of time for photographs after for the entire school community to chat and reflect over some light refreshments.

A special mention must also go to 6th Year student, Sarah Hayden, for the beautiful poem that she wrote which reflects upon this great time of transtion for our 6th year students and that shows a great understanding of what the entire school community has always espoused - this school community will always be a part of you all!

The Stretching Future Before Us

Something happens

Deep in your heart

When you realise

You’re about to leave.

It’s a twisting feeling

-like riding the waltzers-

It’s a sinking sensation

-like an elevator dropping

From floor ten to zero-

For the past few days,

My mind has wandered

And I couldn’t help but ponder

What does leaving really mean?

For how can I leave such a place

When it is as much a part of me

As I am of it.

How do I leave when my identity is here,

My friends are here.

And these walls fostered our adolescence.

Will we carry this experience into the future?

The impossible future that stretches before us,

Will we leave it all behind?

Or will we hold a part of this journey in our hearts forever.

Every friend, every teacher, even the ones who gave us hell,

Will their influence have a part in who we become?

(My mind leans to yes

As even now I correct myself

When I say “the kids”

As “Kids are baby goats”,

As Ms Brosnan would say)

My sister, who graduated six years ago,

Still emails her teachers,

Still follows their guidance,

And even to this day, from time to time,

She’ll tell me about her peers,

And how she wishes they’d shared more years.

So, how can we really say

That we are leaving

When all around us

There is evidence

That we cannot leave

Those who love us,

We cannot leave a home.

We cannot leave a part of ourselves behind,

As it will always follow us into the future.

The stretching future before us

By Sarah Hayden

Mr Tom Reynolds has since etched the poem onto a display and it currently sits outside of the room in which 6th Year students are studiously engaged in final Leaving Certificate preparations.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 6th Year graduating class of '22/'23 and to wish the very best of luck in their exams and beyond!