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6th Year Retreat to Ovoca Manor

On Monday, 3rd of October, the 6th years, along with their teachers, took a visit full of fun and excitement to Ovoca Manor for the annual 6th Year retreat. Upon arrival, the year group was given a small introduction as to what to expect throughout the day and a bit of information regarding the religious and moral background to the centre. The centre offers many activities that were hugely enjoyed by the whole year such as archery, teambuilding exercises and individual challenges. The first activity, led by the lovely staff, was the Leap of Faith, a challenge most definitely not for the faint of heart. Next, groups of four came together to help each other scale a continuously widening log ladder. Many laughs were had and students came out with big smiles on faces. Next was a workshop which opened the discussion of human relationships, and the concept of “neighbours” from a Christian perspective. Finally, groups were brought down into the trees for archery training, where serious competitions were held. Overall, the day was huge success and the whole year came out smiling and laughing.

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