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Arts/Sports EX-curricular sign-up

Last Wednesday, the 6th of September the annual extra curricular sign up took place in the school sports arena. The arena was split into two separate groups, one for arts and one for sports. Students were called down by their year groups to sign up for the huge selection of different sports, clubs and societies options available to them.

We had a staggering number of students sign-up for our competitive sports and it was a huge success. For boys there were 234 students who signed up for competitive sports including, Gaelic football, soccer, and rugby. For girls, 275 signed up for competitive sports, including basketball, Gaelic football and soccer. In total around 509 students signed up for competitive sports teams.

There were a total of 101 senior students signed up for the school gym, 433 students signed up for recreation sports such as fighting fit, table tennis and volleyball and 228 signed up for other sports such as athletics, golf and hurling. We also had a variety of new sports such as boy's basketball, camogie and girl's rugby for our students. The training sessions for both recreational and competitive sports for our students began this Monday the 11th of September, with matches kicking off next week.

There were new clubs on offer for anyone who was interested such as drama club and film club. The school choir has also been split into two groups, such was the demand: a junior choir and a senior musical theatre choir which will be performing at different schools events. The arts signup was a huge success. The arts programme started this week and it's in full swing, with the majority of the clubs and societies taking place.

Anyone who hasn't signed up for clubs, societies or sports can still do so by just talking to the teacher who runs it or email them as it's never to late to pick up a new hobby!

Report by Finn Morris


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