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First Year Induction 2023/24

The entire school body are not back until Monday 28th but today we had a chance to meet the four base classes of students that will become members of our school community for the next six years. These are a particularly lucky group as they are the first cohort of students to enter the fully refurbished and extended school, benefitting from the new high tech science, computers, engineering, graphics and materials technology rooms, along with the new amazing sports arena and almost complete, state of the art, astro turf. The students will also benefit from the schools newly adopted, and thus far very successful, sports and arts programme. Every one of the first years will find something to allow them to adapt, settly and thrive in our school.

Mr Carey, Ms O'Sullivan, Mr Davies and their tutors gave the students a warm welcome upon their arrival and they had an opportunity to meet with their new classmates, all of whom have come from multiple feeder school in the area.

We even had a special guest drop into us to see the first years start their second level journey. One of our most esteemed past pupil and Former student and Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science of Ireland, Simon Harris, was at the entrance to welcome the students. He then spoke to the assembled year group about how special the day was and the opportunities that they have moving forward through their school careers.

After that, the students took part in three fun workshops including sports, bonding games and computer exercises. It was a terrific first day to settle the nerves, make new friendships and build confidence prior to the return of all students on Monday.


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