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Irish Exchange Students Trip to Santiago de Compostela

Our wonderful TY students on the Spanish Exchange began their day with similar weather to us, with it raining down on them, whilst travelling to the capital city of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela.

The Maristas School cafeteria provided them with their lunch and they headed on foot to the nearby bus stop. They kicked off their trip by getting the bus to the Ourense train station and at 9.50 am they hopped on the train to Santiago.

They visited the "Parlamento de Galicia", where important politicians gather to work and the Cathedral of Santiago De Compostela. After their roam around the city, at 1.30 they sat down for their lunch.

The students were then given the opportunity to go souvenir shopping in the centre of the old town whilst absorbing the rich culture surrounding them as well as listening to authentic Spanish buskers. After a long adventure filled day they finally got the train home at 3.40 back to Ourense.


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