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Our New Extension Takes Shape

It's an exciting time to be a member of the St David's community. Our new extension (Block C) is taking shape at a rapid pace now. Below you will see a set of images giving a glimpse of the two new Art rooms, new Graphics room, new D.C.G room, new library and four new general classrooms.

Photos 1 & 2: New library - first floor

Photo 3: New general classroom - first floor

Photo 4 & 5: Foyer area on first floor and linkage to Creative Block

Photos 6 & 7: rt room 1 (looking out to Irish Sea) - second floor

Photo 8: New general classroom - first floor

Photo 9: New small classroom - second floor

Photo 10: Two classrooms (one general and the smaller one from photo 9) which will have sliding doors as with rooms 20 - 22 - second floor

Photo 11: Corridor on third floor

Photo 12: Graphics room (third floor)

Photo 13: D.C.G room (third floor)

Photo 14: D.C. G room (third floor)

Photo 15: Art room 2 (third floor)

Photo 16: Art room number 2 (third floor - looking out over Greystones and Wicklow Mountains)

Photo 17: Foyer on third floor with pot light funnel (which will shoot light from ceiling, third floor down to ground floor in foyer


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