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Sports Day 2023

Always a highlight of the St David's calendar, this year saw the entire school community walk off the morning sleep and relocate to the Eire Óg G.A.A grounds. Many thanks to the club for allowing us to use the facilities and for all of their help throughout the year.

The day is of course about friendly competition but most importantly, it's a relaxing day during which the school community can come together and have fun, be active and healthy and forget the normal ringing of bell and daily routine.

The Sports Day is organised by Mr Dunne and Mr Boland (huge thanks!). Students participate in all of the athletic discipines: shotput, javelin, 400m, 200m, 100m, relay. There's something for everybody during Sports Day though and some of the most popular events include the 3-legged race, the sack race, welly throwing, the obstacle course and of course, the tug-o-war.

Have a look at all of these fantastic photos and you'll have just a little taste of how amazing this day is for the entire school community.



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