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TY Christmas Day

On Tuesday, 20th December, our TYs had a fabulous Christmas day! The TYs started the day out with their first two classes as normal, after break is when the fun really began.

First they had a Christmas quiz prepared by Alana, Paul, Cathal, Nathan and Abbie. It consisted of 5 rounds with various Christmas themes and general knowledge. While our quiz leaders were counting up the points to determine the winners, the TYs had the opportunity to play with a variety of board games.

The Dining Hall filled with screaming and cheering when they announced the winners. The winning team of the Christmas quiz were Ryan, Dylan, Aoife, Kai, Josh, Finn and Rhys.

After lunch they made their way upstairs where their film of choice, Home Alone, was ready for them along with a goodie bag filled with treats. A great way to end the year for our hardworking TYs!


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