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Whole School Assembly - Dec. '24

On the 21st of December St David’s held a whole School Assembly to end off the year together. Mr. Carey opened the assembly with a few words, the choir sung Silent Night in English and Irish whilst a few students performed a Nativity. Then the microphone was passed over to Mr Davies and Ms O’Sullivan to give out the certificate awards for those who deserved them, e.g. Kian Quigley for representing the country in soccer, a handful of T.Y.s for excellent work in the Media Committee and many more. After the certificates were handed out the microphone was handed over to Mr. Short, the head of sports. Mr Short addressed the great progress made in the sporting centre and handed the microphone over to the sport ambassadors who spoke about how the different sports they represented were doing competitively and attendance. Then Ms. Wilson spoke about the Arts program and how great of an opportunity it is and how it is a great thing to be involved in. Ms. Wilson then handed the microphone over to James Tritschler who spoke about the benefits of the Arts Program and again how great it is to be a part of it. Finally Head Boy Mathew Lawless and Head Girl Lisa Garcia gave two small speeches to end off the final assembly of the year.

Report by: Fionnán Gallagher

Photographs by: Tom Woodley


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